Lit Phansiri Marine Corps Officer / Software Engineer

About Me

Qualified technology and military leader with more than 17.5 years of experience. Objective is to continue working with and building high energy, high value teams to study, design and develop information technology solutions for the good of people, organizations, and society. Talent and passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems while developing information technology to win. Hands on leader with an intimate knowledge of technology, tools, and people.


I am a Marine Corps Officer who works spent a very long time in the cyber domain. I feel comforatable conveying to others technical jargon to non-technical language.


I enjoy working on server-side web development. My main development languages are Python and JavaScript, but I have worked with Swift, R, SQL and more. I have used Git, NPM, Docker, Terraform, AWS, CircleCI, PostgreSQL, and used a ton more tools!


Offensive and Defensive - Penetration Testing on Web Applications with the help of Kali Linux and its plethura of tools.


Check In Check Out - Django App

Automated way for Marines on duty at the barracks to check out and in Marines on liberty with their Common Access Card.

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Battle for Mon Cala

Defense Digital Service project called the System for Operations Logistics Order (SOLO). It was created to prove that the Marine Corps can organically develop adhering to sound best industry best practices.

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University of Washington NROTC

Redesigned website utilizing wordpress in order to allow easy update while having a professional website. It was created update their antiquated drupal website to a modern design where any user can quickly update without truely understand programming.

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Kishu Uoko

Japanese fish store website based out of Wakayama-city. It was created to showcase a static website.

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